Working from home

With my new job, I have a new office.  It’s a tiny corner of the apartment with a decent view of the outside.  I have a nice desk, a printer, and a pretty great monitor setup.  You see, for my new job I’m working remotely.  I’ve mentioned it before but now that I’ve been doing it for more than a month, I have a much better idea about what it truly entails.  And while I definitely am loving the flexibility with regards to my sleep schedule, it’s definitely lacking something that you just get when you work in the office.  There are, specifically, four things that people have warned me about:

1. Decreased productivity

2. Loss of creativity

3. Complete loss of interpersonal skills

4. A slow, creeping madness

When we get right down to it, there is some truth to this.  With regards to number 1, I’m actually absurdly productive, it’s just different.  For example, working at home has led to me doing a tremendous amount of work over a 2 hour period followed by a relaxing 20 minutes of watching, say, Community.  Then I’m right back to work, pushing paper and making finance stuff make sense!  The problem here is that sometimes, if you don’t feel like working, you have to move mountains to get your normal workload done.  Seriously, mountains.

For number 2, a loss of creativity, I’m not exactly having a problem there.  For starters, I was never that creative to begin with.  Can’t lose it if you don’t got it.  But still, the threat is there.  Luckily I have a couple of interesting projects going on that require me to use what little creativity I have.  Like this site or my wedding.  Between those two and a couple of other items, I’m not at a loss for creative outlets.  But what I can see happening is number 3, losing the ability to actually communicate with people.

Losing my ability to talk to people, reason with them, etc, is a HUGE fear I have with regards to working from home.  See, one part of my job that most people don’t realize is that I spend large portions of my day on the phone working out deals.  So I have to interact with people every day.  My job literally depends on it.  So the only way I’m able to keep that ability is to start getting out there and meeting and interacting with more people.  So, I joined a kickball team (Saved by the balls) and am making a point to go out more often.  Now, I’m not spending a lot of money when I go out but it’s definitely been a lot of fun and has kept me reasonably sharp for work.

Now, number four isn’t a real fear for me.  I have an amazing fiance here to keep me from really losing my mind.  But if I do, you, the reader, will likely be the first to really notice.  So, uh, yeah keep an eye out for that.  Thanks!

When it comes down to it, working from home has been great.  I don’t have to commute, I can sleep in if I want and I am eating WAY healthier.  It also gives me a bit more time to work on the site, which I love.  I think it’s one thing that everyone needs to try at least once in their careers.  It’s giving me the possibility to move to a less expensive city and potentially own a house!  It opens up possibilities that being locked to a desk just doesn’t quite allow.  Until next time folks.