The B of A experience: Resolved

Last week I posted about how Bank of America seemed to be messing with me.  It was more frustrating than usual and I honestly was about to take my business elsewhere.  I decided that rather than spending time in the brick and mortar branch nearby, I’d call up, have them transfer cash from my checking into the savings to give it a zero balance and then close it.  I figured that this would probably save me considerable time and paid, as opposed to getting them to refund the fees, admit they were crazy, etc.  It was less than ten bucks so overall, not too much money to lose to get rid of an extreme hassle.

Turns out, I was a bit wrong about Bank of America’s customer service reps.  When I called in (to the same number that previously had me speaking with someone for an hour just to get nothing accomplished) I got an extremely helpful representative, Alex, who was able to fix the problem in less than ten minutes.  Less than ten minutes!  In fixing a problem with an account at a major bank.  I was never even on hold!  Consider the fact that Bank of America also has issues related to the recent credit card fraud at Target and has a call volume going into their centers that is way above average and it makes it that much more amazing that I spoke with an amazing representative and was never once on hold.

Because she took care of the problem so quickly and efficiently, spoke to me like she actually cared (as opposed to script reading) and just made me like the bank a little bit, I actually had her transfer me to her manager.  Now, I never do this.  Even if I’m having a bad time, I usually refrain from talking to the manager because it is rarely the fault of the person on the line.  And since a great experience while calling into a help line never happens, I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to a manager for positive reasons.  So, Alex transferred me to her supervisor and I told him how she did a great job, how the last time I was on the line for an hour and nothing was accomplished and that I really appreciated her work.  At this point, he told me something I didn’t expect: she was going to get a small bonus because of my positive comment.  Apparently, when people get positive comments to their managers (and she never even solicited me for an opinion or a survey, this was me doing it on my own), the reps can get little bonuses, gift cards, etc.  I was so psyched that my comment was going to ensure that someone got a little something extra right around the holidays.

It’s rare when dealing with banks that we have good experiences.  Most times you just see people writing about awful experiences (like me) and never about the good.  But it’s important to remember that when we do have the good experiences, we need to acknowledge them and the people that help make those possible.  If we don’t, then those people won’t be rewarded for helping and we’ll be left with the dregs of the customer service world.  And that is absolutely something I don’t want.

Just to give everyone a heads up, there will be no post on the 25th.  It’ll be Christmas and I’ll be sleeping in.  But stop by on Friday, as we will have a recap of the past year and how we’ve done on our goals.  Happy holidays everyone!