The Summer Hiatus is over!

And I’m back!  My summer hiatus was a fun distraction but it’s obviously time to get back to work.  So where have I been?  What’s been going on?  The past few months have been some of the busiest and craziest of my life.  Let’s go over a few things so I can catch you guys up:

  • I quit my job!
  • I got a new job!
  • I got engaged!
That's right, it's real!  And she said yes!

That’s right, it’s real! And she said yes!

I know I know, she said yes.  Never would’ve guessed that would happen to me! Huge life changes for me.

With regards to the job, well, I was at my previous company for almost four years.  It was a long time, I learned a lot and the people I met there were amazing.  Ultimately though, my upside just seemed limited.  An opportunity has come along that allows me to do roughly the same job but in a more senior capacity, with more freedom and leeway.  The best part of this job?  It’s remote.  I’ll be making significantly more money with a fantastic bonus plan all while working from my apartment.  And yes, Jackson the dog is EXTREMELY happy about this turn of events.

See, excited.  How can I say no to this face?

See, excited. How can I say no to this face?

So what does all of this mean?  Well, first off, I’m down a few thousand dollars from buying the ring.  Secondly, I have to save a whole lot more money for a wedding.  And third, well, third is the interesting part.  Since I work remote, it means that the fiancé and I have the opportunity to potentially move around a bit, find a cheaper place to live and get us a bit closer to financial independence.

You may have also noticed some changes to the site.  During the layoff I tried to find a wordpress theme that worked better for me.  Although the last theme looked good, it was a pain in the ass to try to customize.  It would never do quite what you wanted it to do.  But the theme isn’t going to be the only change.  Soon there will be a recommendations page and a Facebook page, both of which are long overdue.  We’re also going to be revamping the format for a little bit.  For the next few weeks, I’ll only be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Starting in November, I’m hoping to have Tuesdays lined up as guest columnists, with Thursdays being book and product reviews.  As always, I’m looking for ideas and people to help for both days.  If you want to become a contributor to the site (perhaps you travel the world on a budget or are a lawyer looking to dispense some worldly advice) just send me an email and I’m sure we can work something out.

Look for my first new REAL post coming this Wednesday!  I’ve built up a bit of a reserve of content for the past few months, with lots of ideas and concepts that I need to throw out there.  Until next time!