Stop Wasting Time

We all know that each of us has only a limited amount of time in each day, week, year, or lifetime.  We’ve talked before about attaining a work-life balance but now I’m thinking most of us (including me) waste too much time.  I miss deadlines for this site sometimes.  I’m not proud of it but it happens.  Sometimes it’s because I didn’t plan ahead and ran out of time and sometimes it’s because I just couldn’t think of anything.  Both come down to my own preparation and my severe procrastination.

Yikes, big ass clock

Yikes, big ass clock

Fortunately, in the office, I don’t act this way.  I get things done when I’m there because I’m able to focus and build a game plan for each day.  But we all waste time in some ways.  Let’s go over a few of the problems:

1.  Constantly checking and responding to emails:  Sure, you want to be prompt but you can’t constantly be answering emails or you’ll never get anything done.  If you continuously stop and restart your mental process on the project you’re doing just to answer an email, you’re wasting your time!  You can still be prompt without answering emails immediately.  Block out certain time where you’ll answer emails and questions.  I like to do first thing in the morning, after lunch, and right before I leave work.  This way I tend to take care of everything during the day and night.

2.  Putting out every small fire that comes your way: no one likes fire drills at work.  They take you away from whatever it was you were working on and screw with your process and your day.  Now, I’m not saying that you don’t jump up and fix the big problems.  What I am saying is don’t get dragged down by the little problems.  More often than not, they’re being blown out of proportion by someone and will put themselves out.  If you’re the boss, you can’t bother with these things.  If it’s your personal life, don’t let it bring you down!  Just keep moving and focusing on the goals you’ve set.  Everything else is going to align up over time.  It’s all a process!

3. Normally I wouldn’t include something as simple as a single website but let’s face it, Cracked is a gateway website.  You start off reading about badasses surviving in the wilderness, click a wikipedia link and come out of an internet binge four hours later on the wikipedia page for ceramics tiles made for Justinian I.  If you’re at work, block Cracked.  If you’re home, just try not to get sucked in.  Maybe reserve it for the weekends.  Just don’t let it take you.

4.  No goals, strategy, or focus:  Make a damn list!  You can’t live every day by the seat of your pants.  If you don’t have goals or a routine, you’re letting what happens in your life drive for you.  You need to take back control and focus.  Creating a list, however mundane it may seem, will help.  Crossing things off your list as you go is immensely satisfying and you’ll find you get much more work done when you plan ahead.  Professionally, it’ll look good to the bosses.  In your personal life, well, you’ll never be without toilet paper again.  Wouldn’t want this to happen to you…

If you can enact some simple changes in your life, you can save yourself so much time.  It’ll make your more efficient at your job and it’ll make your personal significantly easier.  The more time you waste, the further away you get from Financial Independence.  If you’re here, chances are that’s a goal you want to attain.  So stop wasting your time, start planning ahead and saving some time for yourself.  You’ll thank yourself for it.


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4 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Time

  1. My procrastination is an integral part of who I am. It is part of my DNA. When I try to be more efficient, my subconscious fights back. I get most of my work done when I just let it have it’s way.

    • Haha yeah, I used to be like that. It took forever to actually change how I do things and think just a little bit. But, in the end, it was worth it.

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