September Net Worth

This past weekend was incredible busy and I completely forgot to update the blog at all, completely missing my monthly Net Worth update! Moving took its toll on me, eventually causing me to actually take a half day today (at which point I finally got some writing done).  Between the heat of the San Fernando Valley and the dust kicked up during moving, I just didn’t stand a chance.  But what about my financial health?  Unfortunately, it was a bad month for me when it came to net worth.  My net worth, as of September 30 is (drum roll please!):


Yikes, only an increase of $161 bucks.  That is pretty harsh.  I guess I had gotten used to month after month of $1000 increases and just got spoiled.  Well, let’s look at the reason why.  It was a good month on the stock market and I accidentally paid double on my student loans.  I feel like this should much better (Template courtesy of J. Money at Budgets are Sexy)

September 30 2012 Net Worth

So first off, yeah, look at the growth in my vanguard and 401k!  Not too shabby.  And my car loan and student loan went pretty well.   But god, my savings and my credit card took a hit.  What is going on here?

Well, as I mentioned before, my girlfriend and I moved this weekend and that emptied the coffers quite a bit.  Security deposit and first month’s rent are no joke in LA.  Not to mention all of my furniture did not handle the move all that well.   Overall, we moved, spent a decent amount of money on the new apartment and set ourselves up with a budget for items to make it look like someone actually lives there, as opposed to a hobo occupying the place.

With the credit card, well, that’s an interesting scenario.  It’s never going to show up as $0 on my monthly Net Worth report because I keep it revolving and the payment date is actually on the 20th of each month.  Oh well.

So, that’s it.  I had a ridiculously small improvement and I’m not too happy with it.  I still have a long, long way to go before I have a positive net worth but I think I’m making the right choices. Considering my net worth at the end of last year was under -$24K, I’ll take eight solid months of improvement and one meh month.  As long as the net worth keeps going up, I’ll be happy and continue to refine the way I do things.  Until next time!

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