Net Worth Update – April 2013

Well, the rent debacle continues.  It turns out there was some sort of computer error that added an extra month onto everyone in my buildings rent.  Lucky for my, I hadn’t set up auto-debit yet, otherwise I’d really be pissed off.  The problem now is that, while they attempted to fix the charges in their system yesterday, they forgot to clear the old charges when they put in new ones!  So now my total due is over $5,000.  I live in a decent place, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely do not owe that much.  Hopefully this gets fixed correctly today.  If not, I’m going to just assume that nothing changed on my rent, walk downstairs and give them a check and hope it all works out.

But on to better things!  I owe you guys a Net Worth update.  April was a crappy month.  My car got impounded, I bought some plane tickets to go back to Boston and in general, spending just wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  As always, Template courtesy of J Money at Budgets Are Sexy.

So close to positive territory I can almost taste it

So close to positive territory I can almost taste it

Gah, almost all green except for my checking account.  And I’m almost in positive territory.  Way better than I initially thought but still way off where I want to be.  This is the third month in a row my cash accounts (checking and savings) have declined and that is not a situation I like.  Hopefully May will be better all around!

Checking Account: If you take out the plane ticket I bought back to Boston ($500) and the total cost of my impounding extravaganza ($405) then this goes right back into the green category.  Obviously I’m going to be paying much closer attention to street signs from now on in order to avoid that mess again.  With flying home, well, I only do it once or twice a year so I’m fine with the cost.  Really, I look at it as though I’ve been saving up for it (I have). So throwing out the negatives, I would have hit a slight positive in April.  Although it’s not actual money in the bank, I’ll take it.

Savings Accounts: Solid growth from my contribution, not the interest. Once I hit $2,000 I think I will actually stop the contributions in here and direct it towards either my debt or my investments.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

401k: Ah, the 401k.  It’s such a driver of my net worth yet I cannot touch it.  It’s right there but no, no touchy.  I haven’t changed my allocation but I’m keeping an eye on it to see if my stocks or bonds get a bit overheated and start taking over.  I’d love to just set it and forget it but I’m not like that unfortunately.  I’ve got to check it AT LEAST once a month 🙂

Vanguard: I’m pretty happy about the growth this month.  Most of the month my account was looking pretty crummy.  The only gains were from my contributions and I was actually taking a loss on them.  Then, finally, the market woke up and pushed my money up nicely.  While the gains in this account keep coming, I don’t expect it to stay this way.  I’ve got some plans on diversifying this and protecting my cash a little bit more but won’t be unveiling them until later.

The Acura: This is ridiculous.  The value of the car went up.  Up!  I didn’t even drive 400 miles last month.  I’m liking this trend, it makes me feel like the car may not be underwater too much longer.

Liabilities: Consistent drops, I like it.  I did use my credit card for my flight this month but I paid it off.  It’s an airline card, so I got some extra miles, free checked bag, priority seating.  You know, fun stuff.

Overall, I think April was OK.  I felt pretty crummy about my finances most of the month, so to see such positive changes at the end makes me pretty happy.  I’ll keep pushing myself for more positive growth and change over the next few months and we should see some good stuff come along!  Hope everyone else had a good April!!

5 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – April 2013

    • Thanks Jon! I actually just got off the phone with them not too long ago and they managed to fix the problem. Plus, no late fees since it’s their fault. I’m feeling good! Good luck with getting back on track this month!

  1. How old is the Accura? I’ve found that cars depreciate over the first 10 years of life, stabalize, and then slowly start to go up again. Before I wrecked it last year, my 95 Geo Prizsm was posting about 1% gains every month according to KBB.

    • It’s actually only seven years old. I think that my lack of mileage is really driving the value up or at least keeping it stable. I just wish it had better mpgs. I’m sure that once I pay off the loan I will be happy with it!

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