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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter/Passover/whatever you may celebrate everyone.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I especially hope people got last Friday off.  For some reason, my company gives me that day off.  We don’t get New Year’s Eve off but we get Good Friday.  I won’t complain about a three day weekend but it sure doesn’t make sense.

I just wanted to give everyone an update that they may see some changes to my site over the next few weeks.  I’m most likely going to be changing the site design.  The wordpress theme I’m currently using isn’t supported or updated anymore and I keep running into little technical issues that I can’t change.  If anyone out there has any thoughts on a wordpress theme they particularly like or found useful, let me know!  I’m open to ideas.

I’m also going to finally start looking for some guest posting opportunities at other sites this month.  If you know of one or think you may want me to write something for you, let me know!

And with that, have a great day everyone!  We’ll be back into regular posting tomorrow!

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  1. Brian

    Agreed. I have a theory that there should be one three day weekend every month. That way, we always have something to look forward to!

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