Finding extra cash in our every day lives

If there is one thing which we call all agree upon, it is this: we all have too much stuff.  Over the years we buy stuff, replace it with more stuff and eventually all of our stuff ends up in the closet together.  New stuff with old stuff hanging with the weird stuff no one wants to talk about.  The point here is that when you’re trying to rehabilitate your financial life, all this stuff is gold.  Especially when it actually is!  Where I’m going with this is that we all have movies, books, clothes, or jewelry that we don’t use or need.  And every single one of these items, although used, is worth something.  That means it’s something we can use.

We going to the pawn shop

We going to the pawn shop

When you’re looking at your financial life and you want to turn things around, you need to have a completely new way of looking at things.  If you have credit card debt but lots of shiny things, it may be time to have less shiny things.  The point is that nothing is off limits when financial freedom is the goal.  For example, I have an ungodly amount of dvds.  Near my old, scary apartment was this used dvd store that was always running a “buy two get one free” special.  In those days I didn’t have the internet in my apartment or a tv.  In fact, I didn’t even have a computer.  I watched my dvd’s on an old portable dvd player.  Dark times.  So, anyway, I’d go the store and buy three movies, paying may $7 total.  This was roughly a weekly thing (I’d get pizza once a week and it was next to the pizza place) and was a terrible use of my money.  Now, four years later, I have a massive dvd collection of terrible, awful movies.  And I need to get rid of them.  Doing some quick research, I find that there is a website ( where you can sell old dvds and cds.  Perfect!  Just by selling half of my dvd collection, I’ll make an easy $100.  Not a ton of money but still, it’s money and it’s now in my bank.

Other people may be able to make much more money than me.  Maybe you have some really nice clothing or jewelry that can fetch a decent amount.  What we all need to do periodically is take an inventory of all the stuff we have in our lives.  Some of it may be stuff that we have no practical use for anymore but could help us pay off some debt or build our savings.  Doing this twice a year will help build an efficiency in your life, allowing you to be more aware of what stuff you use and don’t use.  In turn, this will help you to refine your spending habits further.  When you feel the need to buy something, you’ll think back to the last time you cleaned everything out and sold the exact same sweater.  There are only so many things in life we need (beer, friends, a roof) which means that there are numerous things which we can sell and eliminate from our lives entirely.  The real question here is how many of you, my readers, are willing to actually go through your things and find something, anything, you don’t use anymore and can sell for a little bit of extra cash.  Until next time!


Photo courtesy of  El Negro Magnifico