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Well, I’ve decided to begin searching for a new job.  This is a thought I’ve had for a few months now and it’s been dragging on me heavily as I go to work.  I feel a sense of loyalty to my current job.  They took a chance on me out of college and gave me the opportunity to develop into the role I currently hold.  However, I’m on my fourth year, already a manager and my growth has kind of gone stagnant.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending my time networking and building contacts in other cities (Boston! New York, Chicago, Dallas, etc) and trying to find jobs that I’m actually interested in.  What I’ve learned is that it’s damn hard to get back into the market after several years off.  Although a huge part of my job is actually networking and building interest in my company and what we do, the jobs I’ve been looking at and the people I talk to tend to be outside of the leasing industry.

Granted, I knew this would come eventually.  Leasing is not really my cup of tea and although I’ve learned a great deal about corporate financing, structuring and other items that will help me as I continue my career in finance, I’m ultimately not as happy as I could be doing what I’m doing (partially leading to me starting this site).  In the end, I’d rather be working in an M&A department or at a private equity firm, sourcing and structuring deals.

At this point, I’m working on cover letters most days, trying my best to be confident in myself and my abilities and express that on paper.  While that might come easily to some people, I’ve never been terribly good at it.  So this is something a little bit new to me.  I’m hopeful that over the next few months, I’ll have some good experiences to write about here.  Experiences that I learned from and hopefully lead to me pursuing a new career path.

Hopefully this week is lighter and I will be able to write more here.  Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure that I will but, just in case, keep checking into this space.  I should have something else up soon that has more to do with personal finance!

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