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Big Life Changes

So, life is changing pretty quickly out here in LA.  The girlfriend, a licensed attorney in the state of California, has officially resigned from her current job in order to actually pursue her legal career.  You see, her current job has her doing virtually no legal work.  It’s the job she took while she was studying for the bar so she could make ends meet.  It ended up turning into a full time position after everything was said and done.  While they want to hire her on as a junior counsel, they don’t have the budget for it and just can’t keep her.

So she’s going out and hanging a shingle (yeah, I didn’t get it at first either.  Crazy lawyers).  She’ll freelance for a bit, doing whatever legal work or overflow work she can find from her network and get some more experience.  The hope is that by getting the exposure to more legal work and having some attorneys see the quality of her work, she will be able to get a job offer as an associate somewhere.

I'd put this sign outside the apartment but I'm afraid of the riff raff it may attract

I’d put this sign outside the apartment but I’m afraid of the riff raff it may attract

What does that mean for me and Jackson?  Well, for Jackson it means that he’ll get a lot more belly rubs and won’t be so lonely while she’s at home.  For me, it means buckling down even further.  Since we won’t know where her next paycheck is coming from, we’re going to focus the first portions of her freelance earnings directly into her student loans.  She went to law school and they’re a pretty decent size, so this makes the most sense.  As she makes more money, incrementally, we’ll be able to increase how much she pays towards rent and other expenses.

I’m going to have to cut back a huge amount as well.  I was already cutting down on going out to eat or get beers.  Now that has to drop to zero.  Additionally, I’m going to finally get a Costco membership and start saving some money over there.  Hopefully I can at least share a friend’s card for a bit before putting the money down for it.  I’ll also keep looking into options on selling my car and eliminating that payment.  I’ve been toying with the idea of become a one car household and purchasing a bicycle but we’ll see.  I’m still underwater on the car loan unfortunately, which makes any decision there a difficult one.

This is going to put a dent in my savings I think.  I’m still going to put away the same amount as now, I just won’t be able to save any extra on top of that.  That means that Financial Independence will get pushed back a few years.  While I’m not happy about this, it’s a step in the right direction for her.

So if anyone has any legal work that needs to be done, send me an email.  I know a young and enthusiastic attorney that would love to help!


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  1. Before you go out and pay for that CostCo membership, see if a member will bring you along so you can check prices. We don’t have any CostCo’s around here, but I have a fair amount of experience with BJ’s and Sam’s Club. In both of them, you have to really know your prices because they aren’t necessarily cheaper just because you are buying in bulk. Sometimes, those bulk items actually have a HIGHER unit cost than the smaller versions in the supermarket. So check your prices and see if you will actually save more money than you are spending.

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